Employable You & Life Beyond School

We help students how to understand different pathways beyond school and identify the life skills they need to get a positive decision from a decision maker!

Do you find that teens and young adults sometimes struggle to know what career path they want to follow after education?

By opening the Future Toolbox and finding our MAD4Futures tools, we can help. These interactive workshops help individuals with personal development of the life skills to help them create their future pathway.

“It’s time to get a decision from the decision maker!”
At some point, students and young adults will be in front of someone who will make a decision on their future. Whether they’re seeking an apprenticeship, employment, college / university or going to build a school in Africa, this programme will help.

We help students define their USPs and identify skills, strengths or gaps they have along with ones they are not aware they possess.

In addition to working with students, we also provide workshops for teachers and parents.

The workshops below are tailored to fit each year group, the objectives of the school and all cover The Gatsby Career Benchmarks 2, 3, 5 and 8.



Our most popular careers education programme helps students to look at how they can become employable for their future. Regardless of if they are seeking an apprenticeship, part/full time job, career or even a college or university course, this programme helps students define their USPs and identify skills, strengths or gaps they have along with ones they are not aware they possess.

How to win at interviews

The interview process is a daunting and nerve-wracking experience. However, planning and preparation is the key. In this workshop, we will coach students on how to maximise their potential of a successful interview for a job or university.

u can achieve success

Similar to Employable You, U Can Achieve Success focuses on identifying skills and personal strengths required to help structure and write a UCAS personal statement for a university application form.


Students need to make informed choices about what subjects to take for their future studies. This workshop will get them to open their minds and think about the options available before making their final decision.

students will learn how To:

  • Ways to make revision and study, easy and fun in order to help motivate themselves to do their best in their exams.

  • Use accelerated learning techniques to improve memory recall from 10% to over 65%.

  • Create positive study habits to enable them to achieve the best possible results along with creating positive habits for their future.

  • Improve self confidence and understand personal responsibility that ‘if it’s to be, then it’is up to me’.

  • Change mindsets to understand the importance of a positive learning experience and creating relationships between peers and teachers.

  • Raise confidence and self-belief in their own learning ability.

  • Create and use visual tools including mind maps,  memory journeys and story techniques.

  • Understand the importance of revision planning over a period of time to avoid cram study.

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