Your Future Starts in a Minute

We help students to set exciting goals and then create a fun plan of how to achieve them!

If you ask a teen or young adult what they want in life, what’s their response? Some have a goal and some have no idea!

Did you know that 1 in 5 people have no idea what they want in life? Yet the top 3% of achievers, hit their goal 90% of the time. How do they do it?

By opening the Future Toolbox and finding our MAD4Motivation tools, we can help. These interactive workshops share proven goal setting strategies used by the world’s most successful people.

It’s the small choices we make daily that add up to the big results in the future. We share a system of how to set specifically defined short and long-term goals and using the compound effect of everyday positive habits in order achieve big. By changing fixed mindsets to growth mindsets and reinforcing positive beliefs, this helps individuals build up their inner confidence to dream big and set absolutely massive goals.

In addition to working with students, we also provide workshops for teachers and parents.

The workshops below are tailored to fit each year group, the objectives of the school and all cover The Gatsby Career Benchmarks 2, 3, 5 and 8.



The beauty of this, it doesn't matter what age you are, what you have or haven't accomplished, each individual is in control of their future. By understanding the seven key principles to Goal Mapping, students can follow a proven, world class system to create a goal map and turn their dreams into realities.

It's All In The Mindset

By changing fixed mindsets into growth mindsets and creating positive habits, students will learn how to deal effectively with new challenges, obstacles and setbacks, switch off their auto-pilot and question their limiting beliefs as well as making the fundamental attitude and motivation shifts needed for lasting changes in behaviour.

Knowing You

An eye-opening workshop to help students understand their personality traits and how to build on their strengths, develop themselves and work with others.

defining success

In this session we encourage students to understand what success means to them. The exercises surround reinforcing positivity and building confidence thought processes by including inspiring, motivational stories in order to gain the winning edge.

students will learn how to:

  • Challenge habitual behaviours and replace them with more positive ones.
  • How to deal effectively with new challenges, setbacks and obstacles.
  • Switch off their auto-pilot and challenge limiting beliefs.
  • Challenge their established negative mindsets and move toward a positive, open mindset.


  • Be conscious of, and manage, their personal resourceful states.
  • Exercise choice over motivation levels and responses to events.
  • Create a more helpful response to problems, failure and rejection.
  • Make the fundamental attitude and motivation shifts needed for lasting changes in behaviour.


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