Making revision and study easy and fun!

We show students how to make revision and study, easy and fun!

Do you find that students struggle to stay focused on their study & revision? They complain that it’s boring and, even sometimes, pointless? Are they stressed out to the max by their workloads?

By opening the Future Toolbox and finding our MAD4Study tools, we can help. These interactive workshops provide simple and fun ideas to enhance independent learning, study and revision.

The aim is to help students to get into the right mindset to prepare for SATS/mocks/exams. We show them how to make the boring stuff fun, the hard stuff easier and turn the ‘I can’t’ into ‘I can’!

We introduce proven memory techniques that will help students create positive study habits; by having a little more fun they will ultimately build up their resilience, relieve stress and lead them on a path to success.

Each year group will have a specifically designed workshop appropriate to their stage in education, from primary, secondary, further and higher education. In addition to working with students, we also provide workshops for teachers and parents.

The workshops below are tailored to fit each year group, the objectives of the school and all cover The Gatsby Career Benchmarks 2, 3, 5 and 8.


rev up your revision

A revision and study masterclass loaded with tools, tips and techniques in order to maximise exam success. By using key-wording and creating a simple to follow plan and using visual and spatial learning, it helps students to stay on track and relieve stress. The workshop can also be tailored specifically to GCSE English with English Made Easy. (Ideal for Years 10-11)

further your independence

This workshop is a must for students going into further education, ideal for A Levels in 6th form or college. It promotes the concept of self-study, independent learning, independent research and taking responsibility for planning and managing themselves and their own levels of success. Students will learn how to carry-out independent learning and research. They will be equipped with tools enabling them to identify, interrogate and make full use of a large range of information sources (NOT just Google). They will learn how to assess their own levels of effort and, therefore, success and be given techniques to help easily increase these levels. They will be shown advanced note-taking skills and how to reflect on the work they have achieved each day to boost self-confidence and reduce stress levels. (Ideal for Year 12-13 and higher education)

supersize your study

In addition to revision techniques, this workshop also gets students to understand their why when it comes to studying particular qualifications. By creating simple, positive study habits, it promotes independent study in manageable chunks instead of cram studying ineffectively at the last minute. (Ideal for Years 9-10)

accelerate your learning

An introduction to accelerated learning skills by using fun associations to enhance the memory, ACCELERATE YOUR LEARNING is ideal for schools who wish to build a platform to develop innovative and inspiring learning techniques. It's also useful to energise and invigorate reluctant learners by empowering students with a range of highly-effective learning tools, delivered to motivate and encourage creative learning. (Ideal for Years 7-8)

mind mapping

Mind Mapping is a fabulous tool with endless benefits to learning. Utilising colour, space and creativity, it allows students to see the whole picture, the global view, at once. A Mind Map is ideal easy recall which will boost confidence in students' learning abilities and feel good about study, revision and exams. This workshop will demonstrate the power of a Mind Map and give a step by step guide on how to create one.

Parent/Teacher Sessions

All of the above programmes are available to share with parents and teachers in order to encourage use of the techniques and habits both inside and outside the classroom.

students will learn how to:

  • Challenge habitual behaviours and replace them with more positive ones.
  • How to deal effectively with new challenges, setbacks and obstacles.
  • Switch off their auto-pilot and challenge limiting beliefs.
  • Challenge their established negatives mindset and move toward a positive, open mindset.


  • Be conscious of, and manage, their personal resourceful states.
  • Exercise choice over motivation levels and responses to events.
  • Create a more helpful response to problems, failure and rejection.
  • Make the fundamental attitude and motivation shifts needed for lasting changes in behaviour.


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