X is for X-Rated – Honesty is the Best Policy

In the Y is for Your Life episode of the blog, we talked about celeb-obsessions. Well, here’s another fascination with the human race, our attraction to crime.

OK, we don’t mean that you wish to be a criminal for one moment but we switch on the TV and settle down to watch endless shows and films glamorising the murky underworld of drug lords, sex, violence, murders and godfathers.

With the big Hollywood screens bashing out box office classics, actors do a great job. They make car chases speeding through cities, dodging bullets and breaking the law look a whole lot of fun. It’s easy to see how cool the criminal character is.

Sadly, this is impressionable to all of us but it can influence our choices for later in life.

Behind the bike sheds, “Go on, just try it… just one… chicken…”

Do the adults reading this perhaps remember those words from peers? Just one cigarette, one sip of alcohol or even worse, drugs! These things are illegal! Some people may argue that cigarettes and alcohol aren’t illegal but they certainly are for an under eighteen-year-old. Also, many poor choices can lead to an addiction which could lead to serious life consequences. We are all the sum total of all of our life choices:

• Smoking – if used as intended over a period of time, cigarettes have a high chance of killing you!

• Alcohol – long term misuse will affect your ability to function and contributes to long-term adverse health effects!

• Drugs – instant high but long-term low. Soft drugs can lead to hard drugs and hard drugs can lead to all sorts of bad places!

Those are just short statements of what these poor choices could result in – so think before you start. An easy survey! Ask 100 smokers if they would like to quit smoking. And then ask them if they regret taking up smoking. Most of them will say they wished they hadn’t started.

Of course, most of us are respectable people but we break the law but sometimes or try and crack the system. Rules are rules, whether we like them or even agree with them however, we have to respect them.

For example, it’s illegal for a motorist to break the speed limit but many do. When they get caught, some drivers will not accept a fine and maybe blame the police for making money, challenge the limit in the area they were caught or credit their own ability as a driver at speed. Ask a driver how good their driving is and the majority will tell you that they are brilliant.

It’s also illegal to drop litter but, sadly, many do with little regard to the environment. How many people drop chewing gum or cigarette ends for instance, and they think this is perfectly OK.

Fighting and complaining about the rules, just wastes mental energy too.

Cheats never prosper!

Surely you have heard that phrase many times before but it is very true. A family member used to say, “To lie, you need to have a good memory!” Lying is too hard so, it’s easier to tell the truth in the end.

Lying, cheating and dishonesty are probably the worst things people can do to each other… you wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of this.

When I was at school, I used to copy my friend’s homework. He was a good mate and got me out of trouble many times. One day he said to me, “Mark, you really need to do this yourself as you will never pass your exams.” Trouble is, I didn’t like homework and it was easier to copy.

So that would probably be classed as cheating and ultimately, I ended up being behind on my coursework and didn’t make the grade in some of the exams. My maths teacher insisted that I spend an extra three evenings a week with her after school to catch up, this wasn’t the most enjoyable experience of my school life.

Cheats do get found out in the end and my results and performance found me out by not doing my own homework. I would now never recommend copying a friend in school, just copy their habits but not their work.

OK, I tried to cheat the system and most of the time the system will win but it is really lying and deceit that people cannot stand. Our world should work on an honesty policy and the more honest you are as a person, the more respect you will receive. Sadly, the more people lie the more they start to convince themselves that this is the truth in their own head. Then they probably spend more time working on the lie instead of being up front.

Milo says, “Honesty is the best policy! Be honest with yourself and honest with others!” You can read more in our chapter X is for X-rated from Don’t Get Your Neck Tattooed, available in our shop.

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