Is a positive mindset the key to a happier life? 

Happy mind, happy life. Easy right? But we all face struggles and sometimes they can manifest into negative voices in our minds. I’m not good enough. I can’t do this. This is worthless. But you are good enough! You can do this, and no effort is ever worthless. A negative mindset can be debilitating, keeping us frozen in a spiral of self-loathing and low esteem. Negative mindsets serve us no purpose.

We want to help you embrace a positive, growth mindset. The glass-half-full mentality, seeing the good even in challenging situations.

What is a Growth Mindset?

A growth mindset is essentially a mental approach that centres around the belief that abilities and intelligence can be developed through dedication and hard work. Embracing a growth mindset means seeing challenges not as roadblocks but as opportunities to learn and improve. It’s about understanding that setbacks are just part of the journey, not the end of it. This mindset encourages you to have a positive outlook, making it easier for you to find success and fulfilment in life.

The Traps of Negativity

A positive mindset requires training and a little bit of courage. But it doesn’t have to be hard! It’s all a step-by-step process, of understanding the thoughts and triggers that can bring you back to negativity.

  • They are better than me… Fantastic! They are on their journey of self-improvement; you are on your own. It is not a race against everyone else, it is a marathon for yourself.
  • I don’t know what I am doing… No one does at first, but you can learn. Be excited at the idea of learning and developing your knowledge.
  • What’s the point..? To do the thing you need to do in order to achieve your goals. Think of what you need to do like a field, and you are the farmer. Not every seed will grow, but that’s why you have planted an entire field; you will eventually yield a reward.

Building a Positive Mindset

Fake It Until You Make It 

Let us tell you a little secret; if you fake it until you make it, you won’t be faking it for long! Fake being good at interviews, suddenly you are talking with ease. The more you practice something, the more comfortable it becomes. Eventually, you realise you are capable. You can do what you set your mind to do!

Remember to celebrate failure too. Be critical in a healthy manner because this helps you find out where you went wrong and improve on it. Be brave; ask for criticism and help from others. It is a vulnerable feeling, having another person judge what you have done, but don‘t let their words defeat you. Instead, let them build you up! Everything is like riding a bicycle, you can only get better at it.

Mirror People’s Energy 

Have you ever had that one friend or work colleague who just exudes a positive energy? Maybe it’s their smile, their attitude, their jokes at a low moment. It’s contagious! Be that energy that spreads, and it will spread back to you. Even when the day is hard, the work piles and the spirits are down; laugh! Laugh away the negativity, don’t give it power. Just smiling can have an effect on your mind, almost like you are tricking it.

Be kind to yourself 

With all that has been said, please look after your mental health. Having a positive mindset is not about being happy all of the time. There is no shame in taking a step back or seeking help. Your mindset can’t just be changed with the flick of a switch, it takes time to train yourself into believing your positive thoughts.

As you develop a positive mindset, you will realise those negative voices never really go away. It’s natural, our brains are racing with thoughts and ideas! Instead, those voices lose their power. Like lint on a coat, you can just brush it off. And what you are left with is positive, constructive thoughts. A productive mindset that can set goals, face trials and obstacles and succeed.

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