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We’ve been working with teens and young adults for the past 23 years in schools, colleges and work-based apprenticeships. Our vision is to raise aspirations, create growth mindsets and empower young people to harness a positive attitude.

Our Values
We understand and see the pressures that teenagers, teachers and parents are faced with and want the best for them. As they grow, they may be fearful of the future and wonder how to become fulfilled, happy and successful adults. This is why we created the Future Toolbox programme to empower students to discover the person within themselves and attain success. Do you want this for your students?

Hey, I’m Mark and here’s my background. Spending 10 years in youth recruitment, I helped over 650 youngsters get their first job and start on the career ladder. I then moved into training, delivering employability and key life skills qualifications to give school leavers the confidence to step into the world of work. During this time, I also delivered sessions to secondary school students on career based topics and the idea of creating the Future Toolbox was born. It’s so rewarding to inspire teens and young adults to gain life skills needed to be their best selves.

Hi I’m Jules and I’ve delivered over a 1,000 Apprenticeships, Key Skills, Life Skills and more to teenagers before helping create The Future Toolbox by MAD4Life. I’m passionate about helping young people realise their full potential and attain success both academically and onwards. We all have enormous potential and I love motivating people to raise their confidence levels and stimulate positive attitudes. Want to know more?

Hello, I’m Milo. I joined Mark and Jules on the Future Toolbox journey a few years ago when I appeared in their logo. It’s an honour to be the main character in their book, Don’t Get Your Neck Tattooed too. We go on tour to schools, colleges and universities together and I appear in all their workshops to help make some of the serious messages a little more fun.

We also work with adults and run goal setting and motivation workshops through our other part time business. Our passion is changing lives by helping people earn an extra income to ease their pension worries, become debt free, have an extra holiday or two a year or achieve financial freedom. Aside from this, we’re keen on fitness and healthy lifestyles and love travelling to see many amazing places.

We’ve had the honour to be named Best Enterprising Business in Northamptonshire in 2018 and 2019.

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