Make a Name for Yourself: How to Build Your Personal Brand

Teenage girl doodling on a chalkboard images of people, smiley faces arrows and other shapes. She is facing away from the camera and her hair is tied back in a low ponytail.

Exams are nearly over, and that means many young students like yourself are ready to take on the world! But where to even begin? Whether you’re looking to start your career, carry on with further education, or even taking a break, now is the time to start building your personal brand. What is a Personal […]

Exploring options after GCSEs – your educational journey

Teenage girl with shoulder length brown, curly hair is standing outdoors with her arms crossed

For many students, the most exciting thing about exploring options after GCSEs is that it’s all about what YOU want. You have the freedom to decide your future. For others, this can also seem a little bit… scary. There are so many pathways out there it can be tough to decide what’s best for you. […]

Is sleep the secret to better grades?

Teenage boy in a bunk bed sleeping.

Exam season is in full swing, exams left and right, so much revision to cram into every night! If this is you, on your fifth caffeinated drink* rereading the algebra coursebook, you may be experiencing burnout and tiredness. “But that’s just part of exams” some of you may be thinking, “you’ve got to push your […]

Focus on Your Future: Forming the Trajectory of your Life

For many students, exam season is taking over your everyday thoughts, it’s easy to forget; what’s next?  What is it all for? Throughout school, there’s always been a clear trajectory in your life with goals, expectations and the next steps all laid out. Monday to Tuesday, go to school, say you will remember everything and […]

Dealing with pressure during exam season

There is a boiled egg on a platform has been hit by a spoon (positioned above the egg). There is a dent and cracks in the right hand side of the shell. The image represents the phrase 'don't crack under pressure'

We know exam season can be really overwhelming, especially when it feels like everyone has sky-high expectations for you – whether that’s getting grade 7-9 and nothing less, acing every subject, or nailing that perfect university application. The pressure is on, but guess what? It’s totally okay to take a deep breath and give yourself […]

Ways to take care of yourself during exam season

Group of students crowded around a laptop screen

For GCSE and A-Level students across the UK exam season is here. If you’re feeling the pressure, don’t worry you’re not alone. Whether you’re hitting the books day and night or juggling studying with a part-time job, we know that this time of year can be pretty overwhelming. In the following blog post, we’ll walk […]

6 techniques to improve your memory

Young girl sitting at a desk revising on her laptop. She has her hair tied back and is wearing headphones. Her arms are crossed and she is leaning her chin on her arms. She has a confused expression.

We’re about to enter exam season and hundreds and thousands of students will be navigating their last few weeks of revision. It’s quite a stressful time for everyone involved, so let’s take a look at how to make those final preparations for the big day. Even if you haven’t begun to revise yet, fear not; […]

Methods of Problem-Solving

Image of two puzzle pieces connecting together.

Throughout our lives, we are bombarded by problems that we solve through various tried-and-true methods, subconsciously or not. In other words, we are all capable of building our problem-solving skills and becoming resilient to new obstacles. As exams come closing in, it’s not always about what you know but how you use that knowledge when […]

What is self-expression, and why does it matter?

close-up of a girl holding an acoustic guitar

Do you feel like you’re living to work, instead of working to live? When you lead a busy life, it’s easy to get so wrapped up in your job or schoolwork that it starts to define who you are. It’s like work turns into a form of self-expression because everything centres around it. Work IS […]

Comfort is overrated! Benefits of stepping outside your comfort-zone

silhouette of a woman raising her arms in joy looking at the sunset

Though you may not recognise it, you could be sitting in a small box of your own making. It’s comfortable, calm and peaceful… much less scary than the unknown depths beyond the box. But it can be cramped and limiting, with barely any room for expansion or growth. This is the comfort zone. It’s good […]