Half Man, Half Marathon

How Running Improves Fitness, Fun and Mental Health

Running is more than simply putting one foot in front of the other. It’s a vehicle to offer fitness and adventure into one’s life. It’s a community where lifelong friendships are formed. Most of all, it’s an escape from the pressure and anxieties that life throws at us. Mental health and well-being are hot topics worldwide, and running can help solve that.

After surviving a severe brain injury, Mark Kennedy embarked on a journey of running 100 half marathons.

Half Man, Half Marathon is Mark’s story that evokes so many emotions by the simple act of those repeated steps getting closer to a destination. Read how he learnt that running could release the trauma and challenges that his hidden disability presented and how this sport has given positive mental health to so many. This book includes anecdotes and advice from fellow runners that can be applied to everyday life.