T is for Teachers

When we were at school, we both had favourite teachers. They were the ones who made learning fun, and we looked forward to attending their lessons. If you’re a student in school or higher education, you may have a favourite too. For the parents reading this blog, perhaps you have a great teacher memory like ours?

Last month, on 5th October, it was World Teacher’s Day. The theme this year is ‘Teachers at the heart of education recovery’. So, we want to give a big shout-out to those members of staff who work tirelessly to play such an important role in a child’s life. Not only on an individual level but economically too, as they provide education to our future generations. When you think about it, they have such a huge role in society, giving children the education, support, and tools that they need to be prepared for their futures in the big wide world. What a lot of responsibility, eh!

We celebrated them in October, but why should it stop there? We think teachers should be celebrated all year round. With Christmas and the end of the year coming up soon, this is a great opportunity to do something to treat them and say thank you for their hard work over the Michaelmas term!

In our Future Toolbox journey, we’ve travelled the country and met some amazing teachers. We absolutely love working with schools, and each time we go, we see how much time, effort, and care the teachers have for their pupils. So, let’s celebrate them! Whether you are a student or a parent, it is important you show your thanks, as they impact you both. As a student, the teacher is there to inspire, teach, motivate, and encourage you and be someone you can go to for guidance. For a parent, the teachers are the ones responsible for your children during the day. They are keeping them safe and imparting knowledge so they can learn effectively.

So, the big question is…what will you do to celebrate them? Will you get them a Christmas present? Or throw them a party? 

Here are a few ideas you can do yourself to celebrate your teachers and show them how much you appreciate them:
  • You can do something as simple as just going up to them and saying thank you. Teachers have an extremely stressful jobs, and not every student or parent will see eye to eye with them. However, being friendly and appreciating your teacher will make both their and your day feel that little bit better.
  • Create a personalised thank you note to give them, either printed or handwritten to give it a special touch.
  • Surprise them with a gift such as a world’s best teacher mug, some chocolates, or flowers. You can either give an individual gift or group together as a class to pick a special gift for your teacher from all of you. 
  • If you do not want to buy a gift, you could make something homemade for them instead. For example, creating a poster full of messages and/or photos from all their students or one just from you, a handwritten poem, a decorated jar filled with messages of what you are thankful to them for etc. You can be really creative with this!
  • You could make a video for the teachers with short clips of messages from their students (as well as parents) to say a big thank you to them.

Whether it is something big all small, your teachers will appreciate it. So, let’s give them the recognition they deserve and say a big THANK YOU!

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