Let’s talk about Neurodiversity – Our journey at Future Toolbox

Illustration of a model brain with an overlay doodle that transforms the brain into the body of a lightbulb.

March is an excellent month for two reasons. Firstly, it’s Brain Injury Awareness Month – a dedicated time to spread knowledge and advocate for the people affected by brain injury. Secondly, we are currently in the midst of Neurodiversity Celebration Week. This is another equally significant period that allows us to acknowledge and appreciate the […]

C is for Community

Christmas is a time of year to connect with the people around you to create a sense of community. It is known as a time for giving, but this should be for more than just giving presents. It’s about giving back to the community and supporting the people around you, no matter their situation.  You […]

Positive Lifestyle Factors to Help Following Brain Injury

In this latest episode of brain or shine, we’re going to focus on the importance of nutrition, exercise, hydration, and good sleep. Nutrition: Let’s start with your nutrition. A number of years ago, I took a foundation course on great nutrition. So, here are my top tips. Generally, I follow the 80:20 rule; around 80% […]

Fatigue: How to Conserve Energy Following Brain Injury

Brain Injury Conserve Energy

Energy conservation, planning, pacing, prioritising, rest In this episode of Brain or Shine, we’re going to look at how to conserve energy to cut out fatigue and the importance of planning, pacing, prioritising and rest. Life is busy and there’s loads of things going on at once. Do you sometimes live life at 100mph (or […]

The Fatigue Battery

Fatigue: What is it, what are the symptoms and what triggers fatigue? The day is going well and then all of a sudden, BANG! There it is, from out of nowhere, fatigue hits. So, what is fatigue and how do we manage it? My first real experiences with fatigue came shortly after my traumatic brain […]