We All Follow The Cobblers…Over Land & Sea

Tales from football fans who follow their club and reminisce about terracing and floodlights

The beauty of football is that every fan has a story to tell. A story of glory, a story of pain. A story of frustration or a story of fun.

Come and join me on a trip down memory lane of life supporting a lower league club. I’m a Northampton Town fan but whoever you follow, you will be able to resonate with these of stories of humour, loyalty, desperation, joy and despair.

Read about the fan who messed up his chance to play for the club. Hear what happened to a fans item of clothing whilst celebrating a goal. Meet the fans who never miss a game no matter what. Re-live a 7-0 defeat at Scunthorpe or a 5-0 loss at Burnley on a cold Tuesday night. Find out what the opposition fans think when you’re playing them.

This was Mark’s first book, originally written in 2008, this is a republished version of the original memories.