Make a Name for Yourself: How to Build Your Personal Brand

Teenage girl doodling on a chalkboard images of people, smiley faces arrows and other shapes. She is facing away from the camera and her hair is tied back in a low ponytail.

Exams are nearly over, and that means many young students like yourself are ready to take on the world! But where to even begin? Whether you’re looking to start your career, carry on with further education, or even taking a break, now is the time to start building your personal brand. What is a Personal […]

Self-Discipline for Students: The Strategy to Exam Success

Ever wondered what sets apart those who achieve their dreams from those who merely dream them? The answer is self-discipline! Believe it or not, success isn’t the result of sheer luck or talent, it’s about your mindset and the habits you incorporate within your daily routine.  What is Self-Discipline?   Self-discipline is your ability to align […]

E is for Embracing New Beginnings

An image of a mug of tea and a pen resting on a note with the words 'Don't resist change. Embrace it' written down. This photo represents that people should embrace new beginnings.

As the summer winds down and the start of a new school year is just around the corner, it’s a time of new beginnings, where students can embrace new experiences, broaden their knowledge, and grow both academically and personally. As they step into classrooms, they can cultivate a growth mindset, develop confidence, and plan ahead […]

D is for Desires – Needs vs Wants

The Oxford dictionary defines desire as ‘a strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen.’  We all have desires in our lives, and as they are connected to the things we want and wish to have, they are separate from the things we need to have. On estimation, we make […]

G is for Goals – Accomplishing Goals

People can often have a love-hate relationship with goals. They are an excellent tool for motivation but can be frustrating when they are not attained. We are here to give you some tips on what you can do to help accomplish your goals. So, what is it that you want to accomplish this year? What do you […]

I is for Intentions

It is a new year, and the joy and festivities of Christmas are now over. Many of you might set a new year’s resolution to determine what you will change this year. The truth is that most of us set ourselves up for failure when it comes to new year’s resolutions because our lists are […]

B is for Balance – Work-Life Balance

October 10th is World Mental health day, and this week is National Work-Life balance week. So, we wanted to discuss how your work-life balance has such a major impact on your mental health and give you ways to keep the balance equal (as much as possible!). A work-life balance is about dividing and prioritising your time […]