W is for Wonga – Becoming Money Literate

Question: “Do you love money?” Some people will say yes and some, believe it or not, will say no. • I love money because it can buy me nice things.• I don’t like money because money is the root of all evil.• The more money you have, the more successful you are.• Millionaires are always happy because they have […]

X is for X-Rated – Honesty is the Best Policy

In the Y is for Your Life episode of the blog, we talked about celeb-obsessions. Well, here’s another fascination with the human race, our attraction to crime. OK, we don’t mean that you wish to be a criminal for one moment but we switch on the TV and settle down to watch endless shows and […]

Y is for Your Life, Not Someone Else’s

Do you suffer from CWS? That’s Celebrity Worship Syndrome, a recently identified psychological condition. It is believed that one in three people are so obsessed with someone in the public eye that the obsession affects their daily life. Psychologists at the University of Leicester say that the number of sufferers with some form of CWS, […]

The Z to A of Life Skills

Welcome to our brand-new Future Toolbox blog, the Z to A of Life Skills. So, some people ask, why not A to Z? Great question, well we though Z to A is a little different. A little catchier and, why not be random too? The more random things are, the more memorable they become. If […]