B is for Build Your Brand

A photo of a person holding a book with the words' Brand Building' on the cover.

Do you want to stand out from the crowd?  With the summer in full swing and the exam season over, it is the perfect time to do something for you and embark on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth. It is good to enjoy a break, but instead of idly lounging by the pool or spending […]

C is for Continuous Learning

In the fast-paced world we live in, where time flies and deadlines loom, it’s easy to get caught up in the routine of our daily lives. However, every day presents you with a unique chance to expand your knowledge and skills by continuously learning. It gives you the freedom to change your story, thoughts, and […]

R is for Reflect

As we find ourselves at the halfway point of the year, it’s time to kick back, take a breather, and reflect on all we’ve done so far. Now that the exam period is over, we can indulge in some quality me-time and contemplate what we’ve accomplished and what we could do differently moving forward. What […]

C is for Comfort Zone

We all enjoy doing things that we feel comfortable doing, so staying inside our comfort zone is easy. But are we limiting ourselves by doing this? So, what is a comfort zone? A comfort zone is a psychological state where a person feels safe, secure, and comfortable. It is a place where individuals participate in […]

Y is for Your Life, Not Someone Else’s

Do you suffer from CWS? That’s Celebrity Worship Syndrome, a recently identified psychological condition. It is believed that one in three people are so obsessed with someone in the public eye that the obsession affects their daily life. Psychologists at the University of Leicester say that the number of sufferers with some form of CWS, or […]

K is for Kiss – Kiss and Make up

Earlier this week was Valentine’s Day. So, on the topic of love, let’s talk about the relationships we have – the ones we have with others and ourselves. All of us, throughout our lives, will fall out or have disagreements with friends, colleagues, or acquaintances. It isn’t a fun experience, but it will happen to […]

T is for Time – Time to Talk

It’s time to talk – talk about mental health.  On 2nd February is #TimeToTalk Day, the Nation’s biggest mental health conversation.  It advocates making space in your day to talk about mental health, and at Future Toolbox, we couldn’t agree more. Everyone struggles with mental health, so why aren’t we talking about it? There seems to be a […]

H is for Habits

We develop many habits throughout our lives. Some are good, and others are bad. So, what is a habit? A habit is an act that you repeat over and over again until you do it without thinking. Habits are linked to specific associations. You do one action because it is associated with another activity – […]

A is for Affirmations

What are affirmations? The Cambridge English Dictionary defines affirmations as ‘A statement or sign that something is true.’ Using affirmations can transform the way you think, help you increase your confidence and achieve those goals you set for yourself. You can use them whenever you want to make a positive change in your life. They’re great […]

G is for Goals – Accomplishing Goals

People can often have a love-hate relationship with goals. They are an excellent tool for motivation but can be frustrating when they are not attained. We are here to give you some tips on what you can do to help accomplish your goals. So, what is it that you want to accomplish this year? What do you […]