The Z to A of Life Skills

Welcome to our brand-new Future Toolbox blog, the Z to A of Life Skills. So, some people ask, why not A to Z?

Great question, well we though Z to A is a little different. A little catchier and, why not be random too? The more random things are, the more memorable they become.

If you mention the words education or learning here in Britain, most people automatically think of school. We guess that’s the same in lots of countries around the globe.

If we then asked you to describe learning at school, many people would talk about taking exams at the end of their learning process. This carries on past school; perhaps at college university and beyond. Does it have to be that way?

Here at the Future Toolbox, we see the value of learning in the journey and not necessarily the exam. Let’s face it, everything we do from the day we are born, centres around learning.

You don’t take an exam on learning how to walk though. Nobody says to a toddler, “OK, you’re doing really great, well done. It’s now time for your walking exam. Good luck, hope you pass and then we can call you a real walker!”

The learning has happened and will continue to happen until the child develops into a walking expert and they sub-consciously start to walk without thinking about their action.

Our philosophy is to enjoy your learning journey, whatever you’re aiming to master. Enjoy learning that musical instrument, a new language, how to draw, write, become better at a sport or even pass you exams at school, college, university or at an adult education establishment.

So, the Z to A of life skills is all about putting the fun into personal development. Yep, personal development is another term for learning.

Follow our blog as we take you on the Z to A journey and remember and seize the moment to be your best self.

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